Sağlam Mücellit

About Us

Sağlam Mücellit took its first step into the printing industry in 1989. Our company, which initially manufactured luxury boxes, covers, folders, folders, notebooks as a subcontractor, later expanded its activities by taking the work of making contract hard covers and luxury bindings for publishers. It has reached a high level of quality in hard cover production and has become a leading company in this field.

Sağlam Agenda is able to manufacture all kinds of agendas and notebooks in high quality in line with the demands of its customers in parallel with its standard productions. Sağlam Mücellit is a perfect partner with its rich machine park, professional staff and production capacity.

Our Mission

Using time efficiently, which is one of the most important concepts of today's conditions, delivering the work received in this respect within the specified time and fulfilling them with an environmentalist understanding; It forms the basis of our understanding of quality service.

Our Vision

Our main goals are to continue to offer fast, reliable and economical solutions to the needs of the sector and to raise our quality bar higher and higher.